Dachstein Skywalk

Dachstein Skywalk

Dachstein Mountains, Austria

Planai Hochwurzen-Bahnen GmbH

Glass manufacturer:
Eckelt Glas GmbH

Glass type:
The construction for the load-bearing glazing is triple laminated safety glass consisting of 3 x 12 mm heat-strengthened float glass, each containing 1.52 mm TROSIFOL PVB film. A functional glass ply has been added by the builder as the wearing layer.
Load case 1: User load = 5.0 kN/m²
Load case 2: Loads from ice and snow = 25.3 kN/m². The only safety factor for these loads is resistance to breakage.
The glass measures 1980 x 1790 mm and is supported on four sides.