Specialized Glazing

Some architectural projects require glass with high ultraviolet (UV) transmittance.

When designing controlled environments for animals (zoos), or plants (botanical gardens and greenhouses), extra care must be taken to provide unfiltered, broad-spectrum light, as close as possible to the animal’s or plant’s natural habitat.

SentryGlas® Natural UV is a structural interlayer for safety glass that combines the structural performance of an ionomer interlayer with increased transmittance of natural UV light. A PVB variant, Trosifol® N-UV is also available.

Kuraray´s Advanced Interlayer Solutions also offers Trosifol® UV Extra Protect, a PVB film that blocks out incidental UV light in its entirety.

It has also developed its BirdSecure® Pro bird-friendly solution, and a film for autoclave-free processing.

Recommended for use in:

  • Botanical Gardens & Greenhouses
  • Zoo
  • Museums, Archives, Galleries
  • Restaurants, Hotels, Holiday Resorts
  • Hospitals, Children´s Day Care Centers
  • School and Universities
  • Shop Windows
  • Libraries
  • Smart Glazing
  • Bird Friendly Glazing
  • Autoclave-free Processing

Products for Specialized Glazing

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