Kuraray's Advanced Interlayer Business offers architects and construction engineers training sessions that are registered as part of the development programs of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). 

Kuraray AIA 1-hr Lunch & Learns

Program Number and Title

  • KUR2004.24: 
    Introduction to Laminated Glass
  • KUR2008.24: 
    Designing with Structural Laminated Glass Interlayers
  • KUR2011.24: 
    Enhancing Security with Laminated Glass
  • KUR2013.24: 
    Designing Safer Glass Railings with Laminated Glass
  • KUR2016.24: 
    Extraordinary Laminated Glass Projects: Designing with Structural Interlayers
  • KUR2018.22: 
    Designing Glazing for Wind-borne Debris Protection
  • KUR2019.22: 
    Laminated Glass for Sound Control
  • KUR2020.24: 
    From Concept to delivery: Designing with structural interlayers a feature in the new Musee Atelier Audemer Piguet
  • KUR2021: 
    Selecting and Specifying the Appropriate Interlayer for Laminated Glass
  • KUR2024: 
    Bird Friendly Glazing using Laminated Glass

Length: 60 minutes
Credits: 1.0 learning credit
HSW: yes

Online-training also available by Florida AIA and Hanley Wood University.


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