SentryGlas® Natural UV

SentryGlas® Natural UV, a structural interlayer for safety glass that artfully combines the strength, safety, and edge stability of the SentryGlas® ionomer interlayer with enhanced transmittance of natural ultraviolet (UV) light. Uniquely crafted with UV permeability, SentryGlas® Natural UV not only allows sunlight to provide essential vitamin D through the glass, but also promotes the wellness of animals and marine life.

Manufactured in a special, high UV-transmittance sheet, it is suitable for use in botanical gardens or other special environments where exotic plants, fish, reptiles and insects demand unique UV light requirements. Using SentryGlas® Natural UV interlayer with float glass or low-iron float glass can dramatically increase the UV-transmittance through the resulting laminated glass panels.

Unlike most safety glass interlayer technologies, SentryGlas® ionoplast requires no UV protection for lasting strength and clarity.


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