Head-up Display Glazing

The use of Head-up Displays (HUD) continues to increase in the automotive industry. Not much more than a decade ago, only a small fraction of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) utilized this technology to reduce driver distraction and increase safety. Now, nearly every major OEM in the world is installing HUD in at least one of their vehicles. 

Head up display systems project images onto the windshield. The resulting virtual image appears to be 2-3 meters in front of the driver, minimizing the amount of re-focusing necessary by the driver which reduces eye fatigue. The driver is also able to keep their eyes on the road, increasing safety. 

The tapered profile of windshields laminated with Trosifol® The Wedge PVB interlayer allows the glazing to act as a combiner, overlapping the two reflections that occur – one from the inside surface of the windshield and one from the outside surface – resulting in a high-quality image without ghosting. Kuraray has been producing high-quality Trosifol® PVB for head up display windshields for over 25 years.

Trosifol® The Wedge is offered in both standard and acoustic versions, with a variety of roughness levels and adhesion grades to accommodate a wide range of laminating processes.  Trosifol® The Wedge can be supplied clear, or with a shadeband for increased occupant comfort, in both standard and acoustic versions.

Products for Head-up Display Glazing

Trosifol® The Wedge Acoustic Shadeband

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