Trosifol SC from Kuraray delivers effective glazing sound-control solution to stunning inner-city architectural project

Trosifol Sound Control (SC), a sound-attenuating PVB acoustic film from Kuraray, has given Marvel Architects the ability to incorporate a substantial glazed façade on a residential development, which would otherwise may not have been feasible due to localised noise levels from the surrounding locale.

Part of the recently transformed Brooklyn Heights waterfront, and an intrinsic element of the 85-acre Brooklyn Bridge Park, which offers more than a mile of waterfront, the new Pierhouse development comprises a selection of 1 to five bedroomed residences. The building has two primary faces: one that mirrors the traditional brownstone looks so prevalent in Brooklyn and the other, with its significant glazed area, which gives every residence unparalleled views of New York harbour and the park.

Industrialised nations have seen traffic density on the roads, in the air and on rails almost double in the last two decades. As a result, the noise nuisance for the population has increased sharply due to greater settlement density and the associated development and use of reclaimed and inner city building land. To keep the effects of sound problems within acceptable bounds, designers and architects are increasingly called upon to incorporate noise mitigation in building design. As a result, and following the significant rise in the use of glazing for structural and aesthetic purposes, it is particularly important that the glazed surfaces of buildings exposed to elevated noise levels are correctly designed.

According to Dennis Vermeulen, Director at Marvel Architects: “The location of this project meant we had to consider a variety of outside noise sources. For the units facing the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge Park, noise comes from park activities, including live music performances, as well as from helicopters flying to and from Lower Manhattan. On the Brooklyn side of the project, we had to contend with the Brooklyn Queens Expressway traffic noise and industrial noise coming from the adjacent Brooklyn neighbourhood called DUMBO (an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). Our primary design intent was to minimise the noise while at the same time deliver maximum light and view.”

As the industry’s only widely available monolayer acoustic film, Trosifol SC has delivered Marvel Architects, JE Berkowitz (the laminators) and Alubon (the glazing contractor) multiple benefits compared to other multilayer acoustic products and glazing formulations in terms of performance, fabrication and aesthetics.


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