With the broadest product portfolio in the market Kuraray's Advanced Interlayer Business is ideally positioned for the requirements of decorative glazing. Kuraray's Advanced Interlayer Business offers special films for decorative effects with colored interlayers, digitally printed films and design products for the interior design and the desires of architects. Additionally reliable and long lasting adhesion is the key to long-term stability in architectural glazing. Kuraray's Advanced Interlayers are well known for their excellent adhesion properties. This is one of the reasons why Kuraray is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of films for laminated safety glass.


Color is a PVB design film for colored laminated safety glass. A range of current standards colors, unparalleled in the brilliance of their hues, offer a huge diversity of possible uses. High color intensity is achieved with just a single film in the glass module; multiple layers are not necessary. Thanks to its outstanding colorfastness, Color is suitable for use indoors and outdoors. All Color types meet the requirements of EN ISO 12543.

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For more detailed information and our colour range please see our Architectural brochure:

Black & White

Probably the most opaque PVB films on the market. Trosifol® Brilliant Black PVB film has an unsurpassed color depth, high color brilliance and total opacity. Trosifol® Diamond White is also an opaque PVB film, rich, strong shade of white with an impressive high reflectivity.

For more detailed information please see our Architectural brochure:

Print & Encapsulation

SentryGlas® Expressions™ are digitally printed in high definition using proprietary ink jet and specialized PVB interlayer technology. The result is astonishing imagery and design textures, protected within the laminated safety glass. Trosifol® PVB films are also recommended for autoclave-free processing – particularly suitable for this is Trosifol® HR.

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