Black & White

Trosifol® Brilliant Black and Diamond White PVB films, two of the most visually impressive and opaque interlayers available in the market. Trosifol® Brilliant Black features unparalleled color depth, exceptional brilliance, and complete opacity, while Trosifol® Diamond White captivates with its rich, bold shade of white and remarkably high reflectivity.

These innovative Black & White interlayers not only enhance the aesthetics of laminated glass but also provide exceptional safety glazing features for a wide range of interior and exterior applications. Whether you're designing façades, canopies, balconies, partition walls, furniture, kitchens, floors, or even exploring stylish alternatives to flipcharts such as whiteboards, Trosifol® Black & White interlayers are the ideal choice.

Incorporating Trosifol® Brilliant Black and Diamond White PVB films in your glass ensures both visual appeal and increased protection. These interlayers contribute to the glass's safety and, in the event of breakage, help to securely hold dangerous shards in place, minimizing the risk of injury and property damage.

Experience the unrivaled combination of beauty and safety that Trosifol® Black & White interlayers bring to your projects, transforming architectural masterpieces into secure and visually stunning creations.

Black & White

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