Solution Finder



With our new "Solution Finder" app, we offer an ideal addition to the existing apps and valuable recommendations for action for projects in the planning status. After a few inquiries about general conditions, it gives recommendations on Trosifol® PVB and SentryGlas® ionoplast products that allow the desired projects to be implemented. The user can e.g. choose whether he needs soundproofing properties, show colors or want to implement special UV conditions. The app then suggests various Trosifol® or SentryGlas® products and shows further information. Some features are demonstrated even more clearly, such as graduated noise protection measures, which can be compared with each other under different background noise like aircraft or traffic noise. Or colors: different shades of white with different degrees of translucency allow alternating views. The entire color range is also clearly displayed.



The protection of your personal data is important to us.
Our app Solution Finder does not collect any personal data from you.
Your data on your terminal device is safe, we only use data that you enter yourself in our app for the calculations performed on your terminal device.
When you close the app, your collected data in this app will be deleted.