A hall for all – Trosifol SOUND CONTROL in Troisdorf’s events hall

A total of 1,500 m² of high-tech insulation glazing has made the new events hall of the municipality of Troisdorf into a concert hall in the town center. This has been facilitated by a PVB film from Kuraray − or, to be more precise, Trosifol SOUND CONTROL in a thickness of 0.76 mm (30 mil). This film acoustically isolates the interior of the new events venue from the outside world. The glazing was supplied by Glaswerke Arnold, a longstanding Kuraray customer.

It is not only pop concerts, summer celebrations, conferences and Carnival parties that take place here. Because of its remarkable acoustic properties, the hall has meanwhile acquired a good reputation as a venue for concerts of classical music. This is also attributable to the outstanding acoustic insulation properties of Trosifol SOUND CONTROL: With sound insulation values up to 3 dB higher than standard PVB glazing, this special film is unmatched anywhere on the market.

Paul Böhm of the same-name firm of architects in Cologne was responsible for the initial design. The existing City Hall and the surrounding buildings were to frame the new Rathausplatz (City Hall Square) and give it a memorable form. The design also envisaged a comprehensive new traffic routing configuration, with the relocation of commercial delivery traffic and the construction of a new underground parking lot. Rathausplatz will in future be pedestrianized. 

The main identifying feature of the events hall’s new building is a saw-tooth roof, starting at the facade overlooking the square and proceeding away from it. A central inner hall is surrounded by various smaller enclosed spaces serving as multifunctional rooms.

The design was finally implemented in much-reduced form by architects K-H Architekten in Stuttgart. Böhm had envisaged a hall for roughly 3,000 patrons; the reduced version now accommodates 1,500. The hall size is said to be 5,900 m² and the stage 140 m². The ground-breaking ceremony for Troisdorf’s events hall took place on November 30, 2012, and the venue opened on time in spring 2014.

Exciting blend of styles
A remarkable stylistic element of the events hall is the “living” facade that presents itself in different shades of copper and bronze depending on the viewer’s position and direction and strength of the wind. This play of colors is made possible by integrated strips of stainless steel. In combination with the noble aura of the insulation glazing containing Trosifol, the facade gains an exciting and lively character. Vitality meets stylish dignity and thus perfectly reflects the highly diversified events program.

Trosifol is unique
Trosifol SOUND CONTROL (SC) is not only a product with outstanding sound insulation properties and with many years of market success behind it, but also the only monolayer film. It melds esthetics with high to outstanding sound insulation values. Laminated safety glass produced with Trosifol SC features outstanding product properties in terms of safety, long-term strength, light stability and appearance. Available as an alternative is Trosifol SOUND CONTROL+(SC+), which yields key efficiency advantages in the large-scale production of acoustic laminated safety glass. As confirmed by several test institutes accredited Europe-wide, laminated safety glass produced with SC+, assuming ISO-compliant glazing and depending on its construction, achieves sound insulation values of over 50 dB.

Kuraray is the world’s only manufacturer of acoustic films to offer a mono- and a trilayer PVB film.


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