Advanced Interlayer Solutions Division Projects Rock Divided, Vancouver Canada


Rock Divided, Vancouver, Canada

"Rock Divided" is an extraordinary art installation crafted by Carvel Creative and designed by Henrik Håkansson. This captivating exhibition delves into the mesmerizing intersection of time, weight, and value, beautifully contrasting with its environment and ambiance.

The engineering behind it is truly astonishing, featuring a suspended 6' x 4' granite boulder weighing a staggering 7000 lbs – equivalent to the weight of a rhinoceros. The boulder has been ingeniously split into four sections, seamlessly embedding custom plates into the rock itself. These plates align flawlessly with strategically placed holes in the glass, harmoniously suspending the rocks in place.

The structural strength of the glass material is truly remarkable. The composition comprises two layers of 6mm tempered Energy Advantage and SentryGlas®, encasing a piece of heat-strengthened 12mm Optiwhite glass. Meticulously constructed, a total of four units form a fascinating assembly, providing support not only for the rock but also for a steel support plate within the concrete base.

Each unit spans an impressive dimension of approximately 58" x 121".


  • Specialty Glazing


  • USA + Canada


  • SentryGlas®


  • Design Studio: Carvel Creative


  • Henrik Håkansson


  • Agnora


  • Pilkington Architectural Glass

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