Pasarela Diamante, Ecuador

The Ecuadorian city of Baos de Agua Santa serves as an entry point to the Amazon basin.

It is located in the province of Tungurahua. It is well-known for both its mineral-rich thermal springs and its proximity to hiking paths on the active Tungurahua volcano, which is located to the south. Pasarela Diamante, often known as the Diamante Skywalk, is a new tourist attraction that just opened in the town of Baos de Agua Santa. SentryGlas® was selected for the hanging platform because of its exceptional safety and post-breakage characteristics. The platform itself is comprised of 32mm laminated glass.

Incredible views and landscapes, in which the surrounding natural environment plays a significant role, are available for tourists to take in during their stay. The length of the Diamante Skywalk is 45 meters, and it includes an observation tower that has 8 stories and climbs 39 meters into the air. In addition to that, it is elevated above the city by one kilometer.


  • Floors, Stairs & Bridges


  • LASA


  • SentryGlas®


  • Fairis

Glazing Contractor

  • Euro Glass. S.A Construcción Jorge Cali Villagomez

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