Advanced Interlayer Solutions Division Projects Bioparque Ukumari, Colombia


Bioparque Ukumari, Colombia

Images: Courtesy of Vidplex

In Colombia, just outside of Pereira, Bioparque Ukumari, a sizable natural complex, officially opened on September 30, 2015. Nearly 300,000 people visit it annually, making it one of Latin America's largest tourist attractions (820,000 square meters).

The complex has a zoo, a veterinary clinic, an aquarium, a nature museum, an anthropological museum, 4D attractions, interactive games, and extreme sports with nature. The complex is made up of a variety of habitats, including the Andean Forest, African Savanna, Amazon Rainforest, Caribbean, and Asian.

Recently, Ukumari unveiled a brand-new hippo habitat with a sizable underwater viewing space and a 132,000-gallon underwater observation tank. SentryGlas laminated glass windows measuring 55 mm thick are installed on the observation platform. Hipo and Hipa's new habitat offers plenty of opportunity for admiration by visitors. Visitors will have a better understanding of the value of maintaining animal populations and natural ecosystems after taking part in this novel activity.


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