Trosifol® XT UltraClear

"XT" refers to the "eXTreme" conditions the film has to withstand.

What makes Trosifol® XT UltraClear special is that it is a 2.28 mm thick PVB that offers remarkably elevated levels of efficiency and quality in the production of special laminated safety glazing.

Solutions with laminated safety glass have attracted significant interest from the global insurance industry, and it is clear to see why.

With conventional single or double-glazing, when flying objects smash windows, the newly created openings allow wind to thrust its way up through the building. This leaves behind a trail of devastation and, in the worst case, can even lift the roof and push out the walls, causing the building to collapse.

If windows remain intact and prevent the storm from gaining entry, the building may be damaged on the outside, but remains intact inside. Human life is saved, and damage contained.

Hurricane Glazing

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