Trosifol® Spallshield® CPET

Trosifol® Spallshield® CPET offers a unique solution for occupant safety in vehicles. Comprised of a PET layer with an extremely-durable scratch-resistant hard coat, the product delivers durability, chemical resistance, and a high-quality appearance that is virtually indistinguishable from glass. When laminated to glass with a layer of Trosifol® PVB, the PET and hard coat work together to provide an inner shield that protects occupants from glass spalling and lacerations in the event of an accident. As a glass/plastic construction, Trosifol® Spallshield® CPET combines the best features of both materials, resulting in a lightweight, thin, and strong glazing solution with high penetration resistance and reduced injury potential. 

Trosifol® Spallshield® CPET can be used with a single piece of tempered glass to make high performance, lightweight sunroofs which enhance ejection mitigation, or make durable, lightweight, penetration resistant sidelites.

Trust Trosifol® Spallshield® CPET to deliver the safety, durability, and superior performance you need for your automotive and transportation applications.

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