Trosifol® Acoustic

Trosifol® Acoustic is the solution to the automotive industry's need for improved sound damping properties. Unlike conventional laminated windshields and tempered sidelites which have limited sound damping properties, especially in the human ear's sensitive frequency range between 1 and 6 kilohertz (kHz), Trosifol® Acoustic PVB interlayer offers excellent sound insulation. Since its launch two decades ago, Trosifol® Acoustic has been a popular choice for automobile manufacturers in combatting noise penetration in vehicles. 

With Trosifol® Acoustic, you can expect superior sound insulation while meeting all safety requirements. Additionally, Trosifol® Acoustic provides excellent resistance to ice flower formation, ensuring durable laminates that will last the lifetime of the vehicle. Trust Trosifol® Acoustic for a quiet, comfortable ride.

Trosifol® Acoustic is offered in several levels of roughness and adhesion grades to accommodate a wide variety of lamination processes. It is available as a clear sheet, or with a shadeband for reduced glare.

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