SentryGlas® is a unique interlayer from Kuraray utilizing ionoplast polymer. Much stiffer and much more cut resistant than PVB, laminates produced with SentryGlas® provide excellent penetration resistance, durability, and laminate stiffness.

In the transportation industry, SentryGlas® has been used to provide high-security glazing, and can be used to produce stiff, lightweight sidelites by utilizing thinner glass than would be possible with PVB.

In the marine industry, all glazing used on ships – from yachts to floating hotel cruise ship giants – is subject to norms and standards developed by a national or international standards organization (ISO, BS, EN) specific for marine applications. Glazing for such situations must be resistant to harsh conditions such as salt water and wave impact while ensuring passenger safety. Laminates produced with SentryGlas® ionoplast sheeting can meet all applicable standards while providing excellent resistance to the harsh conditions of the marine environment.

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