Kuraray takes part in the Malteser Social Day 2014

Employees work at the animal home and the "Heidepänz" children's day care centre


Like their colleagues in Frankfurt and Hattersheim, Kuraray employees are now also going into action at the Troisdorf location. Not one, but two teams of the company are changing their workplace for a day and helping institutions in Troisdorf. One team has been doing its bit for the animal home in Troisdorf for several years now. This year, eight employees will be weeding the dog agility ground and replacing the sand. They will also be extending the canopy of the dog quarantine quarters.
The animal home is sponsored by the charity "Tierschutzverein für den Rhein-Sieg-Kreis e. V." and has been officially contracted by 17 local authorities in the Rhine-Sieg district. The Troisdorf animal home is a refuge for animals needing help for a wide range of reasons. Along with taking in stray and brought-in animals, it also has pet boarding facilities. The dog house can accommodate up to 65 dogs. The cat house will take up to 150 adult cats, and these are joined by up to 200 kittens at the mother cat & kitten station in the spring and autumn. The capacity for small animals varies greatly according to the space required by the animals concerned.

Fifteen other Kuraray employees are helping the "Heidepänz" inclusive day care centre devoted to children with special needs.

The day care centre moved in August from Altenrath to Uckendorfer Strasse 53 in Troisdorf.

The day care centre has been serving disabled and non-disabled children for what is now 43 years and is thus one of the first day care centres of this kind in the Rhine-Sieg district. The good reputation that the "Heidepänz" has acquired over the years has caused attendance levels in Altenrath to steadily rise. In the end, a move became inevitable so that the number of groups can be increased from four to six. The new building at Rotter See lake, diagonally opposite "Lebenshilfe e. V., has been largely financed by the parent-run funding association.
In each group ten non-disabled and five children differently disabled in terms of type and severity or threatened by disability, aged from two to school-starting age, are catered for at the new site.

"It is important to support each child's personal development process during this period. An atmosphere of security and protection coupled with space, time and structure enables them to find their way and develop their personality holistically with body, mind and soul," says Josefine Berger, head of the day care centre. The educational approach is based on that of Maria Montessori (1870-1952) who developed a model that gives every child the chance to evolve in its own unique way and without false pressure to achieve. Key aspects of this method are:
• "Help me to do it myself"
• "Give me time"
• "Learning with head, heart and hand".

On Friday, 26 September, the Kuraray employees will dig up the much-loved shrubs, rose bushes, small trees and two hedges at the old site in Altenrath and replant them with the help of the children at the new site at Rotter See. Other employees will help to hang up cupboards and pictures and furnish a new (medical) role-play corner in the new building.

For the Malteser Social Day, the company is giving employees a day's leave so that they can lend a helping hand to community projects. The Malteser Social Day is one of the company's activities under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
Motivated by Christian values, the Malteser relief agency helps those in need, serving more than 12 million people per year with its 72,000 salaried staff and volunteers.

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