Kuraray participates in the Open Doors Day of a popular children's programme

Only company in Troisdorf and second-time participation

Because of its big success last year, Kuraray Europe GmbH participated again this year – the only company in Troisdorf to do so – in the WDR (West German TV station) Open Doors Day of one of its popular children's programmes.

The purpose of the campaign is to open doors to fans of the programme on this day and to show them things that are usually concealed from public view. This is also an opportunity for Kuraray to introduce children and their parents to the company. At the Troisdorf production site, employees of the company explained to visitors the production of Trosifol films for laminated safety glass and various test methods for testing the quality of the produced film. One test, for example, involves dropping a roughly three kilo metal ball from a height of four metres onto a sheet of laminated safety glass. The glass is allowed to shatter, but the ball must not drop through the glass. This tests, for instance, whether a car windscreen protects car occupants when a stone thrown up from the road smacks against the windscreen at high speed. Visitors were able to see for themselves that all the sheets passed the test. And a soft toy placed below the test sheet remained unscathed.
Visitors also inspected the new raw materials store in which fully automated (driverless) forklift trucks go about their work.


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