Kuraray participates in the Open Doors Day of a popular children's programme

Only company in Troisdorf and first-time participation

Kuraray Europe GmbH is the first company in Troisdorf to participate in a special Open Doors Day of the popular children's TV programme "Sendung mit der Maus".
Open Doors Day is a day on which programme fans in companies open their doors to other fans to show them something interesting that is usually concealed from public view.

We at Kuraray want to introduce our company to young fans of the programme and their parents and show them that a film for laminated safety glass is more than meets the eye.

Visitors will see the new raw materials store where fully automatic (unmanned) stacker trucks go about their work. They can take a look at the new production installation for special automotive films. This installation only went into operation this year.

And finally, visitors large and small will witness elaborate quality tests that underscore the film's properties.

The most impressive test is the ball drop test in which a metal ball is dropped onto the glass from a height of four metres. The glass breaks, but the ball must not penetrate the glass. This is protection that all motorists benefit from when a stone smacks against the windscreen at high speed: the windscreen shatters but does not disintegrate and thus protects the vehicle's occupants.

The word "TROSIFOL" is derived from "TROisdorfer SIcherheits-FOLie", meaning "Troisdorf safety film" in German, and is one of the world's most important films made of raw material polyvinyl butyral (PVB). These are highly specialised plastic films that are supplied to the glass industry and processed in laminated safety glass. Laminated safety glass is the term applied to two plies of glass joined together by an interlayer, usually of PVB, on exposure to heat and pressure. These films give the glass new properties such as break resistance, sound insulation, UV protection etc. on a scale that glass without a special film would never achieve.

Laminated safety glass and products from TROSIFOL have applications in all areas where glass has to meet high standards of break resistance. Laminated safety glass is used in the windscreens of cars, in the construction of buildings with sophisticated architecture (high-rise structures, airports, railway stations) and in floor-to-ceiling and overhead glazing (e.g. terrace roofs made of glass). Examples of TROSIFOL applications near Troisdorf are the Bonn Post Tower and Terminal 2 of Cologne-Bonn Airport.
Laminated safety glass is also used in ordinary residential buildings where importance is attached to protection from burglary. In addition, there are special films that are used in the photovoltaic industry for the encapsulation of solar cells.

TROSIFOL is a brand of the Japanese Kuraray Group which has its head office in Tokyo. The Group has a roughly 7,300-strong workforce worldwide. Kuraray's European headquarters is in Hattersheim near Frankfurt. With its roughly 700 employees, Kuraray Europe GmbH generates sales of about EUR 500 million.


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