Strength of Glass Calculator offers greater capabilities for glazing load and deflection calculations

Kuraray’s recently redesigned website is now more useful than ever thanks to enhancements to the company’s powerful, free to use Strength of Glass Calculator.

The easy-to-use Calculator is designed to help designers and architects accurately model a variety of glass-mounting solutions in combination with glass types, interlayer materials and external factors such as loads, load duration and temperatures. Once variables have been entered, the Calculator offers analysis, results and pass/fail criteria based on the ASTM E1300 “Effective Thickness Approach” code. Users can then fine tune panel formulations until the result meets the standards to which they are designing.

Hosted within the “Architects Corner”, the calculator, which can calculate values for both SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayer and PVB, includes seven calculation scenarios – including a newly incorporated four-sided support, uniform pressure calculation. The calculation for this new four-sided model is based on ABAQUS, a unified FEA solution from Dassault Systemes, which deploys a non-linear calculation, including the bearing properties of the laminate and the membrane effect.

Developed initially to address the ever increasing popularity of glass structures that are not supported along all four edges, such as canopies and balustrades, the Calculator helps designers to confirm that their designs and panel formulations are capable of handling the anticipated loads and that they meet the ASTM International’s ASTM E 1300 Standard Practice for Determining Load Resistance of Glass in Buildings.

In addition to the new four-sided support calculation, users can also model single- and two-edge support applications with either line load, uniform pressure or line load + uniform pressure in combination. The line load model simulates a line load applied across a particular line of the glass, for example when somebody might lean against it, while the uniform pressure model simulates a load across the entire surface of the glass by, for example wind or snow.




Learn more about the strength of glass calculator by downloading the Info-Flyer: