Solution Finder: New app offers a window into optimum interlayer selection

Kuraray introduces a powerful new app-based tool for architects, engineers and designers, which will help them choose the perfect interlayer product for their demanding architectural applications.


Kuraray’s new Solutions Finder app - part of the company’s growing portfolio of architect’s and engineer’s tools – is designed to take its users on a short, intuitive and informative journey to reach the optimum choice of interlayer at the planning stage of architectural glazing projects.

Following a few simple questions about general project conditions and requirements, the app will deliver recommendations from the Trosifol® PVB and SentryGlas® ionoplast products that match the project’s demands.

In addition to stiffness, strength and industry leading post-breakage capabilities, these demands can encompass soundproofing, UV control and color, with Kuraray offering multiple interlayer options to address even the most demanding application requirements. Following the interlayer selection, further information is displayed, some of which goes into significant depth, such as graduated noise-protection measures, which can be compared with each other under different background noise, such as that from aircraft or traffic noise.
The company’s full color range options is also displayed, alongside the many different shades of white that are available, offering varying degrees of translucency.

The app does not use any cookies and can be used offline, as a result, internet access is only required for the contact function. Part of the company’s growing portfolio of architect’s and engineer’s tools, it is available NOW from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.





Trosifol is the leading global producer of PVB and ionoplast interlayers for laminated safety glass applications in the architectural segment. With the biggest product portfolio worldwide, Trosifol offers outstanding solutions:

  • Structural: Trosifol® Extra Stiff (ES) PVB and SentryGlas® ionoplast films
  • Acoustic: Trosifol® SC Monolayer and Multilayer PVB films for sound insulation
  • Trosifol® film for UV control: Trosifol® UV Extra Protect, Trosifol® Natural UV and SentryGlas® Natural UV - from complete UV protection to natural UV transmittance
  • Trosifol® UltraClear PVB film for the lowest yellowing value in the industry
  • Decorative & design: Black and white, color and printable interlayers

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