New product names / new product codes

In October 2017 Kuraray Group will implement a new global SAP system. This will provide a more reliable and unified global system for all Kuraray PVB division product lines, which will be of immense benefit to our customers.

This plan is developed to coincide with the rollout of a new global SAP system. SentryGlas®, Trosifol®, Trolen®, Butacite® and Butacite® G will all migrate to new product codes effective October 4, 2017 when we go live with our new SAP system. Important: There will be no formulation changes made at this time - only the product naming conventions will change and we do not expect this to have any impact relative to code-body certifications. Due to the global harmonization, please expect:

  • The format of the documents to change.
  • Products to be listed under new Material Codes.
  • Lot numbers will not change.

We want to alert our customers to this upcoming change so that you have time to prepare and ultimately implement any required changes to your own SAP or other enterprise management IT systems. Our global sales team is available to discuss any concerns or issues you might have as we move forward with this transition. In order to cater to your questions or concerns we have set up a European Customer Service E-mail.

Please address questions or concerns to: trosifol(at)

Your personal contact at Kuraray will also be at your disposal. For further information please have a look at the Trosifol Product Guide.