Kuraray supports the Nonviolent Learning project at Hanftalstrasse Non-confessional Primary School in Hennef/Germany

The Nonviolent Learning training given by the Cologne-based “mobility natural” agency is a powerful form of verbal conflict resolution combined with vigorous bodywork.


The Nonviolent Learning training given by the Cologne-based “mobility natural” agency is a powerful form of verbal conflict resolution combined with vigorous bodywork – for a nonviolent learning environment without exclusion. Children are taught self-assertion skills in the everyday school setting and manoeuvres to enable them to free themselves from physically intimidating situations. At the same time, they learn how to positively interact in competitive games and apply rules of fairness and mutual respect. Finally, in role plays, they learn positive forms of behaviour for conflict situations. Peter Tomic, anti-violence trainer and managing director of “mobility natural”, says: “We want to build up kids’ morale and make them more confident. Body language is an important factor.”

So that children interact more constructively in the long term, Nonviolent Learning is targeted at the entire school. Everyone involved in the teaching/learning process was trained in comprehensive sessions from 25 February to 20 March: all pupils in all classes, all teaching staff – including the supervisors in the neighbouring all-day school, the school social worker and even the caretaker. The acquired behaviour patterns are to be integrated in everyday school life with exercises and other activities.

In addition, at an evening gathering, parents were also encouraged to support each other in adopting a nonviolent approach towards their offspring. Simple behaviour patterns can be trained within their own four walls.

This project was made possible firstly by the children themselves, who generated most of the funding in a sponsored run. Other contributors to the project were the school’s fund-raising body and Kuraray Europe GmbH, which produces special film under the TROSIFOL brand at its Troisdorf location. This is a safety film for the glass industry that is used, for example, in car windscreens and façade glazing.
In its business principles (Code of Conduct), Kuraray has defined social responsibility as one of the cornerstones of its global corporate identity. Responsibility towards society, not only in the sustainable use of its products, but also in the combined observance of social and corporate standards and values, is encouraged by the company worldwide.

There was one other sponsor who also deserves special mention: the grandmother of one of the pupils. She donated the proceeds from the sale of apples from her own garden to the Nonviolent Learning project at the Hanftalschule.

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