Glass wisdom for your ears

In our new podcast series, our experts are discussing what possibilities in terms of design, acoustic and climate our high-tech glass interlayer solutions from Trosifol® and SentryGlas® offer you for your next architectural project. Listening is definitely worth it! Curious? Just one click away from our current podcast episode!


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Special UV glass interlayers

Find out how our special UV glass interlayers from Trosifol® and SentryGlas® help you create natural light and perfect climate in your buildings. Listening is definitely worth it!

Acoustic Interlayers

Episode #2 of our new podcast season now available: Learn how high-performance glass interlayers from Trosifol® and SentryGlas® significantly improve acoustics in modern buildings. Listen and get inspired!


Highlights: Find out how the high-tech glass interlayer from Trosifol® in modern buildings helps to protect birds. Listening is definitely worth it!

Trosifol – and how it makes glass more than just safe laminated safety glass

Highlights: Learn why Trosifol, laminated safety glass, is so special. How can it help with optics, design and acoustics? Which are the main applications? What is SentryGlas and what is it used for?