Kuraray launches new podcast series on glass interlayers

Episode #1 BirdSecure

Living in harmony with nature is essential as urbanization encroaches closer to established wildlife habitats and fly paths. Recognizing the risks that large glazed structures can present to birds, Kuraray has developed Trosifol® BirdSecure. The new offering has been fully tested by the American Bird Conservancy standards and can be used on its own or with solar-control coatings. Furthermore, it does not hinder vision! Kuraray experts Christoph Troska and Jochen Regenauer describe the structure, texture, and historical context of this new wildlife-friendly development. It's absolutely worthwhile to spend some time listening!

The podcast can be downloaded via our website Advanced Interlayer Solutions Division: Podcast (trosifol.com) or from the iTunes store: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/birdsecure/id1621523741