PVB & Light

Light is more than just the sum of natural and artificial light sources. It is responsible for the perceived atmosphere in our surroundings and provides functionality to the environment. Depending on the desired functionality, light has to fulfill specific requirements. Key parameters include the quality of light, homogeneous light distribution and energy efficiency.

Kuraray’s interlayers are perfect for light-dependent applications, as they are characterized by excellent transparency and brilliance. They can also be easily laminated between glass panes, increasing safety.

Current lighting technologies are experiencing rapid development toward LED solutions, leaving conventional light bulbs behind. This change fosters novel illumination, new concepts and attractive design concepts.

LED technology offers numerous advantages, such as higher efficiency, reduced energy consumption, less installation space and a wider variety of colors. However, to fully benefit from this technology, the light source has to be adjusted properly. More precisely, it has to fit to the technology.

Specially equipped with light-guiding properties, Kuraray’s interlayer materials pave the way for a broader range of options. Applications can focus on either pure functionality or true design… or even a combination of both.

An interlayer located between two thin glass panes offers completely new and unlimited possibilities for both functional and aesthetic lighting design.