New Business Development

New Business Development (NBD) at Kuraray Europe GmbH is a powerful tool to explore new ideas for our future development outside of existing business areas. This department continually checks current market situations and assesses opportunities in order to identify future prospects. With creative techniques, NBD develops target-oriented measures for the initiation of future business. Our innovation funnel is divided in four phases that provide structured guidelines for our NBD activities.

Business development actions usually start with the discovery of an innovative idea or an undeveloped process that may be captured from internal or external sources. We listen to the customers’ voice and subsequently determine how it fits with our corporate strategy.

If the idea is considered promising, analysis is undertaken, which determines the value of the idea. Possible risks and potential opportunities are described in detail.

When the concept has been established theoretically, we verify its practicality by means of a proof-of-principle demonstrator. The ideal outcome will be an established idea that includes an initial business plan.
Ownership is then transferred to a receiving party – which could be any unit within the division – which undertakes further execution and turns the idea into a marketable product. Successful completion of the process will lead to a new product or a new market segment.

A creative process such as this needs people who are fascinated by new ideas and innovative solutions. New Business Development by Kuraray is open-minded and welcomes even the craziest ideas. Maybe they will lead to creative new applications?


Our projects are aimed to provide ingenious solutions for daily use. Keeping foods fresh longer, reducing ac energy consumption or bringing things together in a novel manner, all this and much more is covered in our work.


Everybody is creative! Everybody has ideas! Everybody knows something to be improved! Tell us! We are keen to learn about your smart ideas.