Porta Susa railway station

Construction of new Porta Susa railway station

Turin, Italy

Arep architects and engineers, Paris

Building contractor:
CESI S.a.r.l.

Glass and PV module supplier:
Energy Glass S.R.L., Como, Italy

300 m long and 30 m wide steel/aluminium and glass structure, a total of 15,000 m² of glazed surfaces, of which 10,500 m² consists of glass with PV modules in laminated safety glass of different degrees of transparency, 8 mm tempered float glass and 8 mm fully tempered glass (8 mm fully tempered glass/0.76 mm PVB film/crystalline PV modules/8 mm float glass), 770 kWp installed load (450,000 kWh per year). In terms of performance one of the largest installations of its kind in Europe, the roof produces roughly 30% of the power required by the station.